Mission Partners

Because of the breadth of expertise and experience found in Mission organizations whose leaders attend ECB, a purposeful decision was made to appropriate that expertise in a partnership which would benefit each organization and ECB congregants.  The result of this partnership simply stated, is that these organizations are offered additional people / financial resources to accomplish the task Jesus assigned them.  At the same time, with no need to begin and maintain additional ECB Mission programs, ECB folk are offered the opportunity to develop “Mission muscle” by joining the experts in their work.

Please consider how you might be involved and weekly or monthly develop your “Mission muscle” by volunteering with one of the following partners (listed in alphabetical order).
BCDC is an independent privately funded resource center for disciple-making. They offer free use of their space and facilities for Christian fellowship, Bible studies, meetings and trainings. BCDC also offers free lending service from our resource library of over 3,000 titles. 
Most Bangkok under-employed don't want a hand out. They want a job. Hope Cards gives people that job, by providing work for them in their own homes, helping them become more self-sufficient. Women living in slums, are provided with materials to make cards. Once they have completed a group of cards they are paid a fair wage for their work.
Imagine Thailand shapes global citizens who partner to bring real benefit and change to local communities, the marketplace and the world. The ECB partnership with Imagine Thailand focuses on reaching the students at Chulalongkorn University through outreaches and weekly English workshops.
Life Raft's mission is to feed, shelter, and protect people who have escaped persecution in their home countries only to face it anew in the country where they hoped to find refuge. Life Raft does this by connecting those facing persecution with the people who want to help them. The community at ECB conducts regular visit into the Immigration Detention Centre in conjunction with Life Raft to provide encouragement, food, and basic necessities to the AS/R community.
LDF is a private non-profit organization which focuses on helping Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) to become productive citizens; becoming employed and improving their quality of life through self-support. ECB community, through LDF, outreaches into various government homes for Persons With Disabilities 
NightLight is an international organization compelled by love to reach out to, rescue, and restore all those who are negatively impacted by sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. 
Rak Teh serves and loves neighbors in the way of Jesus on the streets of old Bangkok: The people who sleep on the streets every night, those living in slums, and the men and women who sell sex in the neighborhood. ECB people share their lives with Rak Teh through monthly outreach and feeding of their street-involved neighbours.

Ruth Center

The Ruth Center consistently helps over 450 elderly people in 15 communities in the Prawet District. Ruth Center staff and the people at ECB regularly visit them, giving them basic necessities and much love.


SaiLom (Supporting and Advocating for Inclusive Living Opportunities Ministry) comes alongside young men with developmental delay due to disabilities so that they can learn from real life situations. Community skills training starts from the time that our members put their socks on until they return to greet their caregivers on their dormitories. ECB volunteers attend the monthly field trip with SaiLom to bring the young men with disabilities to enjoy a day out at the train park.
Siam-Care is committed to children and families affected by HIV-aids. Siam-Care helps children go to school, and supports poor families medically, mentally and financially. During Advent, ECB volunteers conduct outreaches into various prisons through Siam-Care.
Step by Step Learning Center is a program that strives to bring transformation to people’s lives through the unconditional love of God. The Step by Step Learning Center provides education to children who are deprived of it, while also assisting the needs of the students’ families.