CrossTown Children's Ministry

Mission and Vision 

The mission of Crosstown is to partner with families in laying down a Biblical foundation that will lead a child into a growing relationship with Jesus.

The vision of CrossTown is to make an impact in Bangkok and beyond through the children via partnering with their families to love Jesus, serve others and to reach the world.
Crosstown is based on 5 important values:

The Truth
We believe that God’s Word is our foundational truth, and it is our vision to train every child to use God’s Word as their guide, as their authority, and as their conscience in everything.
We believe that children learn and apply the truths of the Bible best in the context of loving relationships with adults and other children.
We believe that spiritual growth happens best in an atmosphere of emotional safety, physical security, and sanitary conditions. We are committed to excellent standards in these areas.
We believe that God’s Word is never changing. Therefore, it is our commitment to share the never changing Word of God in ever changing ways to touch each group of children with power.
We believe that church is fun and that we should never make the Gospel of Jesus Christ boring. Our classrooms should be filled with smiles, laughter, dance and play. 


The curriculum we are using at CrossTown is called "Think Orange". We believe that together we make a greater impact on our children by sharing the love of Jesus in a loving family and the light of the church.

Stay Connected

Please note that CrossTown will be following the MOE guidelines and closing CrossTown until further notice. During this lockdown, we have come up with new initiatives to maintain a connection with the children and families and you are welcome to join us.

Online Meetings

Children Online Meetings
Twice a month we organize online meetings via ZOOM. This meeting will give the children the opportunity to meet their friends and CrossTown volunteers. We will share the love of Jesus through singing, fun activities, Bible Storytime, and prayer. Please check the agenda on the ECB App/website for the dates, times and log-in information.

Online Family Academic Support
We understand that your children may need Academic Support during this online school season. CrossTown would like to take part and ease your burden. We are gladly offering your children Online Academic Support by Crosstown volunteers who have different academic skills. Please, click the following link for more information.

Other Ways to Stay Connected

The Parent Cue App
We encourage all CrossTown Parents to download this app on their phones, sync it with our church Evangelical Church of Bangkok and turn on the notifications.
You will be able to access the weekly cues, the GodTime (devotion) plans and videos. This app will also provide you with all the CrossTown news and events.
Social Media

Online Family Worship Tools

CrossTown is sending weekly Online Family Worship Tools to provide ways for families to disciple their children. If you would like to receive these emails, please sign up via these links, provided below. Please note that Mail Chimp Letter is oftentimes sent to your junk mail.
For more information, contact [email protected].