Leadership Team

Pastoral Team

René Dekker

Lead Pastor

Phil Holcomb

Community Life Pastor

Pablo Morales

Discipleship Pastor

Kevin Moua

Outreach Pastor

Ministry Heads

Chris Chan Ebrahim

CrossTown Children’s Ministry Head

Jonathan Ngangue

Adelphoi Men’s Ministry Head

Candy Tsang

Care Visitation Ministry Head

Vena Matias

Koinonia Welcome Ministry Head

Juana Martinez

Prayer Ministry Head

Jill Moua

EXCHANGE Students’ Ministry Head

David Perrot

Head of Finance and Operations

Aimee Smith

Worship Arts Ministry Head

Zach Wylie

Young Professionals Ministry Head

Office Team

Fon Chanapan

Nucht Chanurai

Ministry Assistant

Ministry Assistant

Nat Dahmrongkamontip

Ministry Assistant

Suwadee Jirarattanatham

Ministry Assistant

Tan Sae-Tier


Nuchy Theppatima

Campus Operation Lead

Tookta Wasinchayangkoon

Assistant Accountant


William Goh

Marketplace Executive

Edwin Hawson

Marketplace Executive

SH Lim

Business Consultant

Manny Low


Paul Muri


Travis Smith


Howard Tsang

Marketplace Executive