Discipleship Classes

Alongside Prayer, the Word of God is our foundation at ECB. In addition to the strong Biblical teaching we receive each Sunday, the Discipleship classes offer a further opportunity to go deeper still and to apply the Word of God to or lives.

For more information on Adult Discipleship classes, contact us at [email protected].
Course: The Jesus Lifestyle (18 Weeks)
Dates: May 12 2024 – September 08, 2024
Description: This Sunday Bible class is designed to help you understand how to apply the teachings of Jesus to your daily life. Based on the Sermon on the Mount, this course will explore practical topics like how to deal with difficult people, how to handle money, or how to build a secure future. With a combination of helpful videos and group reflection, you will learn relevant principles for a better life. If you want to become a more mature follower of Jesus, this course is for you.
Format: In person sessions
Registration:  Registration has been closed.
Are you interested in studying the Book of Revelation? Then, we have excited news for you! ECB is partnering with Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) to study the book of Revelation verse by verse, starting September 2024.

Course: Book of Revelation (BSF)
Dates: September 2024 – May 2025
Description: This is an inductive Bible study of the Book of Revelation provided by Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). With a combination of personal study and group reflection, you will discover verse by verse the prophetic teaching about the End-times as written by the Apostle John.
Format: In person sessions and online sessions. Men and women study in different groups.