In Mark 10:45, Jesus says, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”  The Church is called the “body of Christ” and so, we do not exist for ourselves.  ECB exists to give our lives away by promoting and proclaiming Jesus. Inside the Church, we prioritize others’ needs over our own. That EDIFY value then prepares us to EXTEND.  In other words, we practice serving other Christians inside the Church, so that we are prepared to serve pre-Christians outside the Church.  That is why God has called us to be His Church in Bangkok – to EXTEND to our neighbors, the city, the nation, the region and the world.

Below, please take a look at how God is developing EXTEND so far and how you can get involved.
1. #lovebangkok

This project was initiated during the COVID-19 lockdown when many day-laborers were kept from work and those unable to work were even harder-pressed.  In the spirit of the generosity of Jesus, ECB desires to continue to find creative ways to offer “help that helps” in response to ongoing needs, whether through food distribution, Hope Cards, or other means.
2. Mission Partners

While God is using various means to expand His Kingdom in the world, each and all of these “missions” have a role in the one overall Mission which is, “to bring worshipers to the Lamb”* from every people, tribe, language and nation.  ECB seeks to do this in a unique way.

(*quoted from John Piper, Let the Nations Be Glad)
3. ECB Blessing the City

While #lovebangkok focuses on addressing local needs which ECB people can meet, we also want to share our facilities with the city.  There are many people who would not consider coming to worship, who might come to the campus for a “non-ECB event”.  Accordingly, by allowing various groups to use ECB facilities at no charge, it is our desire that those who attend various events, will be impacted by ECB people who love Jesus and love the people and city of Bangkok.

Below are some ways that this is currently happening.  What else might God have for us?
Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous (NA / AA)
These two global organizations sponsor programmed support groups for those who seek freedom from substance addictions. Presently 14 groups meet on ECB’s campus.

The Study and Training Center for Ministry (STCM) 
This Bible institute meets once per week at ECB and has been used by God to train hundreds of Burmese-speaking leaders for ministry. These leaders serve Burmese churches in Thailand as well as return to Myanmar to expand the Kingdom of Jesus.

NightLight Daycare
One of the important ministries of NightLight in Bangkok is to provide alternative employment opportunities for those exiting the trafficking industry. NightLight extends excellent daycare and education to the children of its workers who are pre-school aged.  This 5-days-per-week Christian daycare environment has also attracted pre-Christian families from the local community.

Bangkok Combined Choir and International Community Orchestra (BCC / BICO)
Nearly 150 vocalists and 40 instrumentalists gather weekly during the months from September through December to rehearse for the Christmas season performances of Handel’s “Messiah”. ECB also hosts one of the seasonal concerts.

Various seminars, events and conferences
Many groups come to the ECB campus needing a facility to house a one-day seminar, a multi-day conference and even week-long events. Some events are annual and others only singular events. All are at no charge.

The privilege of offering ECB’s facilities blesses in two directions:
1.The organization holding the event is able to redirect the funds saved to meet the many other expenses and needs they have.
2.ECB has a part in the result of the work that results from these events. For this, we thank the Lord of the Harvest.